My Brick #CBF16

Dan Antion sent me a notice about The Cherished Blogfest, saying post were requested to be limited to 500 characters. I wrote back and said, “500 CHARACTERS? Are you kidding me?” He wrote back and ‘splained they needed to keep ’em short so participants could visit as many blogs as possible.

So then I get an email about how Somebody Else pointed out that he had said 500 CHARACTERS when he really meant 500 WORDS, and thanks, Somebody Else, for pointing this out. Guess I must be chopped liver, eh?

No, I kid Dan. I’m kidding him because I love him. Not, you know, in any way that would make His Editor unhappy, of course.

ANYWAY, in 1968, between high school and college, I interned as a runner with The Carriage House Players, who, at that time, performed Shakespeare In the Park in Louisville, Kentucky. I carried messages and stuff back and forth between the stage in Central Park and The Carriage House, where the props, costumes, stage dressing, and what-not resided.

I also ran errands for the cast and crew during the day and during the performances in the evenings. It was great! Never had so much fun!

I went away to college, and one day I heard from one of my high school friends, the wonderful Eddie Collins, telling me that The Carriage House was being torn down, and did I want a brick from it.

Well, yeah!

So he got me a brick and memorialized it.


nostalgicNaturally, I still have it. And, thanks to Facebook, I’m back in touch with Eddie. Thanks again, my friend!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: What is a cherished object of your main character?


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Karen’s Book Barn #ThursdayDoors

This is for being a part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Door link-up. Is for you to be clicking on link and reading on him blog, then for to be click at blue frog button for more. Holy gosh, I think I’ve been reading too many spomments (spam comments).

SO ANYWAY, the other Per Bastet Publications managers and I went to Karen’s Book Barn in LaGrange, Kentucky to take part in Oldham County Day.

Here is my first view of KBB.

KBB1Impressive, eh? And purtiful, as my grandpa would say.

A little closer….

KBB2Ah! We see it used to be a Masonic Lodge! Very pretty detail on those upper windows. Nice choice, to paint the bricks around the entrance white.

Okay, so here we are — Oh, wait! Let’s look at the mosaic work on this threshold!

KBBstoopSo now we — No, hold on again, so we can look at this entryway!

KBBtileIt’s seen better days, but it would clean up great!

Okay, now can we back up and see the door? We can? Okay, then.


Inside, someone somewhere along the chain of ownership (it’s been a bookstore for 20 years, but Karen no longer owns it. It’s so well-loved, though, that the new owner kept the name) …. I lost my place. Oh, yeah, inside, someone used door panels to frame the end-caps. Pretty cool.

BTW, while we were there, we witnessed history in the making: The current owner had been wanting to sell, and three friends of ours, Tony Acree (author and owner of Hydra Publications), Frank Hall (former owner of That Book Place in Madison, Indiana), and author Lynn Tincher BOUGHT IT!

KBBshelvingThey also painted this door with blackboard paint and chalked a sign on it.

KBBnecessaryNATURALLY, I had to check it out. It’s the lavatory.

Okay, that’s all the doors, but not all the pictures.

‘Cau-au-ause, across the street is this other way-cool building. I didn’t get the doors, but check out that detail and those windows and stuff.

KBBacrossA little way down the street was this hotel, with HOTEL in differently colored shingles on the roof. You can’t see it because of the shadow, but the second story has a balcony with an iron railing around it. One of our partners — not I, for a wonder — insisted on calling it a “hotel,” with the quote marks clearly audible. She may be right, at that.

KBBacrossdownAa-aa-aand —

KBBsidewalkAll up and down both sides of the street were these painted paving stones, with all different pictures on them. I particularly liked this one because of the trompe l’œil. And why do they have a railroad guy in LaGrange, Kentucky?


What kind of train?

KBBcsxIt was a moving art gallery, with many pieces of beautiful artwork on it — not being sarcastic; I love some good tags — but this little guy is the only one I chose to share.

KBBbyeA most satisfactory day, all around.

Stay tuned tomorrow and Saturday for The Cherished Blogfest, in which bloggers share a cherished object. No, not my eating utensils.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character makes a major purchase




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A Good Use For A Zucchini #Vegetarian

Sometimes grating a vegetable and squeezing all the moisture out of it just seems like too damn much work. Other days, it’s like zip! magically swift and easy! It’s like having a layabout genie in your brain who occasionally gets fits of energy and actually accomplishes something. Only it’s your brain.

So I got all ambitious and shredded a giganto zucchini. Well, let’s be honest, I got out my food processor and ran it through that. I lined a strainer with a clean, unfuzzy dish towel, tossed the shreds with salt, and let it sit while I did something else. Played Minecraft, maybe, or took a nap.

Then I twisted up that dish towel and I squoze it til I couldn’t squeeze no more. That giganto zucchini rendered down to a wad a little smaller than a baseball.

I put that with an egg, some seasoned breadcrumbs, and some grated extra-sharp cheddar cheese.

ZucFritRawMixed that all up (had to add a little more breadcrumbs) and formed it into fritters. Fried ’em in a little olive oil, or maybe it was vegan margarine. Our #1 Daughter says she likes to add shredded carrot for the color.

ZucFritIt was soooooooo good!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Write about too much of a good thing.




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