ADOORable #ThursdayDoors

First, because this post is part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors link-up, wherein people post pictures of doors:

A Door

That’s a shed at the home of a late friend. The grapevine wreaths are some she made from her own grapevines.

If you want to see more and better doors, go to Norm’s site, scroll slowly to the bottom of it, savoring his beautiful door photos, and click on the blue frog link.

Now here are some pictures that are only doorISH, but definitely aDOORable.


Dasha is my grandchinchilla; she’s the companion animal of our #4 Daughter, the amazing Sara Marian.

Every so often, Sara and her companion human, Zak, go somewhere and Charlie and I get to chinchilla sit.

Here is Dasha in the little cage I use to transfer her from her visiting cage to the bathroom, where she plays.

The door is on the top.

These pictures were taken back in 2013, when we still had Katya Greymalkin. She and Dasha ignored one another.

Once in the bathroom, I had to close the DOOR so Dasha couldn’t get out. I also had to close the toilet seat because:

She likes to climb and explore. If chinchillas get wet, their fur is so dense it doesn’t dry easily and they can get sick.

Dasha was excited to see herself in the mirror. Unintentional selfie, there.

She got very still and quiet, which is usually a bad sign. Sure enough, she was sampling the mirror’s wooden frame. Chinchillas need to chew a lot. Dasha has many chew toys, but she prefers to chew things she isn’t supposed to chew. Another unintentional selfie. Oh — and a door! Two doors! The bathroom door and a cabinet door!

This selfie was intentional.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Make a character have to babysit a child or an animal.


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The #Vegetarian Rabbit

I’m talkin’ about Welsh Rabbit. Don’t let anybody tell you it’s “rarebit” ’cause they’re just lyin’ to ya. It’s rabbit, because the “joke” was that the Welsh were too poor to afford as cheap a dish as rabbit. Well, the larf’s on whoever made that “joke,” because Welsh Rabbit is scrumptious.

There are as many ways to make Welsh Rabbit as there are ways to make chili. Here’s mine.


  • Toasted bread
  • much grated cheese
  • a bit of milk
  • a beaten egg

Melt the cheese in the milk, stirring until the cheese is good and melty. Beat a little into the egg. Keep adding the melted cheese to the egg, stirring all the while, until the egg is good and hot and mixed in with the cheese. Pour it all back into the cheese pan and hot it all up, stirring constantly.

Pour the melted cheese/egg over the toasted bread.

You can add herbs and spices, if you like. You can use whatever cheese you have around. One guy suggests using stout instead of the milk, and I’m all for that, but I didn’t have any.

Here’s what our looked like, with a sprinkle of paprika over it for pretty.

It was ‘stremely tasty!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character takes umbrage at a “joke” aimed at their ethnicity or national origin.


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Customer Disservice #VirginMobile

So I signed up for cell phone service with this company called Zact. Don’t get excited, though. They had a new kind of service, where you could choose how much data, how many talk minutes, and how many texts you wanted to send in a month. At any time during the month, you could adjust any of those up or down.

I was paying $16.01 a month, once I bought the phone for about $150.00.

Good, eh? Trouble is, though, they weren’t a real carrier. They were fronting for Virgin Mobile. So, okay, now I was with Virgin Mobile. Kind of. My plan was called Data Done Right, but Virgin Mobile treated it like a red-headed stepchild. I couldn’t get to it through their web site. Their help line wasn’t helpful.

When my cell phone started to go wonky, as cell phones will, I called about getting a new one. They’d be delighted. But I couldn’t get the Data Done Right plan, because it was Data Done Gone. The plan was grandfathered to the phone. New phone, new plan.

So I stuck with my doddering old phone because: cheap.

Finally, the phone died. Rather, it froze up. Here’s what I emailed Virgin Mobile, on the only contact form I could find:

Last night, my phone stopped working. Now, I get a message 
I went online and found how to do that. I did that, rebooted the system,
and still get the same message. Help?

And got this:

Upon reviewing the information that you have provided, we have been able
to confirm that you currently have a Virgin Mobile Data Done Right 
account. Since we cannot access Data Done Right accounts, we recommend 
that you either dial *611 from your handset or call 844-326-1261 in 
order to receive assistance from a Data Done Right specialist.

Now, what part of “My phone stopped working” is difficult to understand?

Okay, yeah, I could call the number from my land line — since we’re among the odd ducks who have land lines AND a cell phone, but why? What would make me think I would get any satisfaction out of that?

So I bit the bullet and accepted the fact that I would have to pay heavy for a new phone and plan. But guess what? Not from Virgin Mobile.

I’m a Progressive — or not, depending on your definition of the term. Let’s say I disagree with some of the people and causes the ACLU defends, but I heartily approve of standing up for people it irritates me to stand up for. CREDO MOBILE donates part of each bill to fund progressive social action. I tried to sign up with them before, but I didn’t have a credit card. Now I do, though I pay it off at the end of every month.


Here’s a picture of my snazzy new phone, which hasn’t arrived yet.

Rose gold. How slick is that?

It kills me to pay real money for a device I hardly use, except as a camera. Maybe if it isn’t wonky as fuck I’ll use it more like other people use their smartphones.

It’s an iPhone SE, whatever that means. I like my iPad, so I expect to like this device, too.

Any of you have a iPhone? What are the bestest apps? What’s the bestest camera app, since that’s mostly what I use my phone for? Do I need a protective case, or are they tough enough these days to not need them? Hate to cover up that purty rose gold finish, you know?

I’m posting at Fatal Foodies today about frittomelets.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character deserts something or someone they intended to never desert because the something or someone betrays them in some way.



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