Sweetie Pie On the Mountain of Love #Caturday

Sweetie Pie Turner here, MomGoth’s mom’s cat.

I was bad again and ran outside. This is why cats repeat the same bad behavior; because, after you repeat the badness, people expect it. The first time I ran out this winter, I got in trouble. This time, MomGoth just got aggravated.

It was no pleasure, I can tell you. The wind was blowing so hard! I had to go out, to see what that odd sound was. Once I got out, though, I had to scrunch down low to keep from getting whirled away to Oz! I acted like MomGoth was capturing me, but she was really rescuing me! (Don’t tell her.)

It was quite a relief to be back indoors, where the air behaves itself!

I hopped up on Mom’s footstool, which she uses to stack magazines, usually. It puts me juuuuust out of her reach unless she stretches. That’s how you know your human loves you; if they bother to stretch to pet you.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: How close to your human do you like to get?


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One thought on “Sweetie Pie On the Mountain of Love #Caturday

  1. Haha! Every year we say we’ll throw Catticus in the snow and see what happens, and still we don’t. When we have the big door open and the storm door shut, he cries like he wants to go out there. Drives me mad.
    Clara feels that cold air and flinches!
    Cletus would probably go. He’d like to catch some snowflakes. 🙂
    Joey would love to share..Jottin SoCS — PMy Profile

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  2. A.C.Flory

    January 14, 2017 at 6:48pm

    I won’t tell, Sweetie Pie, but why do something that silly? The next time you want to go outside to check on something, make sure they come with you. That way you’ll always have someone there to open the door for you.

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  3. Jane

    January 16, 2017 at 8:25am

    I’ve had my time dragging compliant cats around! (Nicholas seemed to be following me so WELL! Then I glanced back at him! Oh NO!)

    Tootsie would let the harness be put on her, and then she would gracefully fall right over as if parallyzed from the neck down!

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