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Is This Sex Really Necessary? #amwriting — 10 Comments

  1. Mercy! What did Joss Whedon do to you, Marian?

    I’m not too keen on flowery representations of sex. I tire of women being taken roughly in the barn, ya know? I do not read romance novels.

    But, I despise the way Anne Rice writes everything slightly erotic without any culmination. Sometimes people need to get it on. All those vampires are just almost gettin it on, makes me crazy.

    I’ve had this talk with other authors, gratuitous anything annoys me. Sex, violence, gore, fabric patterns, lineage…Ugh.

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  2. Love this. I do have to say that I write mysteries and I write them in a similar vein to what Janet Evanovich or Sue Grafton would write – not exactly cozies but no need for graphic sex either. The rub is, I write them primarily for a lesfic audience and I was taken to task for not including the heat of sex in the first two books in my primary series. It seems the sex is, to many lesbians, what makes them lesfic in the first place. So, there you go. Even when you think it doesn’t fit, it just might. Considering the market and knowing the expected tropes and conventions is the key.

    • I don’t like Janet Evanovich’s sex much. It’s been so long since I read one of her books, I can’t remember now what I didn’t like about it! I don’t like most of the sex in the Sooky Stackhouse books, either. How a fairy and a werewolf do it in the kitchen holds no interest for me. I’m funny that way.

      So did you put sex in subsequent books, or did you carve out a new niche in the market?

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