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    • Joey, I can usually just double-click in one of the fields of the form and the text appears. I’m sorry about the form. I don’t know how to make it unhappen. If you know, tell me, and I’ll make commenting easier.

      I’m SO GLAD you liked the story! 🙂

  1. Brain not supplying the word right now, but there is one for using a real person’s name in a story – and I spotted it! Yay!

    It was very real. And as good a reason described for divorce as many others: deliberately using a firehose on the spouse’s parade is cruelty. She’s well rid of him.

    Civilized people encourage their spice to have outside interests – otherwise said spice require too much attention after they retire.
    Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt would love to share..Celebrate May 12 International ME/CFS AWARENESS DayMy Profile

    • In science fiction, we call it Tuckerization, after Wilson Tucker, who used to do it a lot. I don’t know what the word is in Real Life.

      I used to be active in the Louisville Barony of the Flame, so I called on some sense memories there. Never took a beautiful man home with me, alas. 😉

  2. Still no like. Makes me wish for FB!

    If Arthur is POTUS, Merlin is? VP? PM? Minister of X? Secretary of Y?

    LIKED IT! Well except for:
    “Oh, dear God in heaven and sweet little baby Jesus. I’ll be a good girl forever and ever; just please let this be a one-night stand.”

    I’m a hapless romantic. I was hoping he was a cloth and dye expert, too. Even if his mum does his. Then they all go together him, the mum, and her. They start Ye Olde Shoppe! And they refurbish and sell used 1066ers, Joan of Arc Specials, chain mail, horse equipt, and olde style clothing. And he becomes her knight in shining armour, and her, his princess!

    Well, maybe after a good tussle in the hay, and some time together, they may…..
    They could have a son called Charlemagne, and a Daughter called Theodora!

    And yes, I am a TOTALLY hapless and hopeless romantic.

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