Introducing CHICKIE! #Caturday

Um…. Um….

Tipper: Say hi or hello or something!


Tipper: You don’t have to yell!


Tipper: Tell them your name.

I’m Chickie! Dat’s my name! My name is Chickie!

Tipper: Tell them how old you are.

Dis minny weeks!

Tipper: Tell them your life story.

I was bornded outside wif two stinky brudders. I have a cat mudder and a big sister and a buncha big nieceses and nepews. My borned-wif-me brudders got bigger than me and pushed me away from the food and played way too rough. I stayed under the porch a lot. I comeded out when Nice Lady and Nice Man comed to visit us, though. And when my bestest big nepew, Boone, tookeded care of me.

I like Boone.

I don’t know my cat fadder, but we had Daddy Simon, that my cat mudder said can’t be a daddy, but he tookeded care of all of us and ebbybody lubs him.

So I was beat up and hungry, but then guess what! Guess what!

Tipper: Tell them!

Nice Lady and Nice Man tookeded me home wif dem and now dey’re my Mommy and Poppy!

Tipper: I call them Momma and Poppa.

I will try to say dat. But now go away and let me talk to de peoples. Rawr!

Tipper: ~sigh~

Okay, so what next? Um….

Tipper: Vet.

Hush! RAWR!

Um, so yeah, so Mommy and Poppy tookeded me to the vet. They giveded me a teddy bear to come wif me.

I am healfy. I hab to take medicine to make me stronger, but I’m pretty strong awreddy! Watch me beat up dis kick-baby!

Mommy giveded me a house that she said used to belong to a cat named Sweetie Pie. I don’ like it.

I likea sleep onna bed, under dis blankie.

Dis scratchy fing is de mostest fun!

I lub Mommy, but I lub Poppy more. He’s my pecial hooman.

Tipper: You mean special. Momma is my special hooman.

Dat’s okay, ’cause Poppy is mine.

I help him look at his pictures he made a long time ago. Dey’re black and white, like me!

I was all shut up inna one room for days and days. Den one day, Poppy let me out, because I’m really really big now! An’ I went downa stairs! See how big I am?

An’ my new brudder Tipper was down there!

Mommy and Poppy were afraid he would play too rough wif me, so dey made me go back upstairs. But I’m not afraid! I got in my fort under de chair and smacked him when he stuck his face it. Ha! Take dat! Rawr!

Tipper: I can’t help it I’m bigger and stronger! Don’t play rough with me and I won’t play rough with you!

You’re apposeda play nice wif a liddle one! Mommy and Poppy said so!


[Momma: PLAY NICE!]


[Momma: BOTH OF YOU!]

Tipper: Ha!

I like Poppy better.

Tipper: Give them a writing prompt.

A what?

Tipper: Something to write about. Like you just did.



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One thought on “Introducing CHICKIE! #Caturday

  1. Dan Antion

    August 11, 2018 at 7:20am

    Welcome Chickie. MiMi and MuMu day black and white cats are the best. No offense Tipper, they call ‘em as they see ‘em.

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  2. acflory

    August 11, 2018 at 8:20pm

    -grin- So little! And so feisty. Watch out, Tipper, that little one is going to rule the roost soon..if not already. 😉

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply

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