Mom said that she could just imagine how much help I’d be in a kitchen full of chicken. I said, “If I can’t help cook, I could go to the Egypt booth. The Egyptians used to worship cats, didn’t they?”

She said, “Yes, and that civilization collapsed or something.”

I’m happy because Mom didn’t sleep well last night. That sounds mean but, since Charlie won’t allow me on the bed, the only time I get to sleep next to Mom is when she dozes sitting up on the couch. Then I sit on the top of the cushions by her head and pet her with my tail.

When our mom told us we’d been invited to Katya’s house for Caturday we were confused. What’s this Caturday? And what’s so cool about cats that they have their own day? When’s our day? Well! We don’t mind about being rude. We’re BIRDS.

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