Career Move #amwriting #SciFi @StoryADayMay 25

Today begins the final week of Story A Day in May. It’s been a blast! I’ve been writing stories this month based on books and stories I’ve previously published. Wednesdays have been set in the world of EEL’S REVERENCE (not … Continue reading →

Perfect #amwriting #SciFi @StoryADayMay 18

Aunt Libby had met mermayds before the action of my currently out-of-print EEL’S REVERENCE (not about eels). This is how she met her first one. I’m hoping to get EEL’S REVERENCE reissued Real Soon Now, but I’m too busy writing … Continue reading →

Honor of Age #amwriting #scifi #mermayds @StoryADayMay 11

Most of the characters in my currently out-of-print novel, EEL’S REVERENCE (not about eels) are human, but it’s the mermayds I usually write about in side stories. Maybe in one or both of this month’s remaining EEL-world Story A Day … Continue reading →

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