The Petrified City #BookTour

Happy birthday to me! Today, I turn 66, officially with both feet in Little Old Lady territory. ~MomGoth straightens her cameo brooch and checks the level of the elderberry wine~   I’m celebrating by hosting a pair of writers who … Continue reading →

Dasha Visits #Caturday #Chinchilla

Dasha! Dasha! Dasha! I’m Dasha! Or Disher! Or Dish-Dash! Or Pookie! Or Bebop! Or Brat 7! I’m a chinchilla! Momma an Daddy wint to Warshintin DC and left me wif Grandmar an Granddad. I was mad, bccaus I’m a Momma’s … Continue reading →

General Sterling Price Guest Cat Interview #Caturday

Amidala speaking. I’m very excited to be hosting a guest today: General Sterling Price, the cat in S. J. Francis’ new novel, SHATTERED LIES. Alas, he didn’t send a picture of himself, and his author sent what MaMA says is … Continue reading →

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