The Eel — Where the coast meets the sea. Where merfolk with snake-like tails mingle with land-dwellers in uneasy truce. Where that truce is about to explode into violence.

Aunt Libby — A crone, a short-tempered scrapper, a True Priest of Micah.

Loach — A genderless young mermayd not above a spot of robbery.

When corrupt priests, greedy merchants, and local revolutionaries try to use Aunt Libby to enflame one side against another, they all learn that an old woman and a young mermayd make a serious stumbling block to their plans. Libby and Loach race against time, before the sea of the Eel runs red with blood.

Currently in the process of being reissued in a new edition. Check back to see when it’s available again.

Click here to read Chapter 1.

Click here to download “Line of Descent” a stand-alone story set in the world of EEL’S REVERENCE, with Chapter 1 included from Smashwords. Or download it from iTunes [currently out of print]. Or download it for the Nook. Or download the PDF version here on-site.


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EEL’S REVERENCE — 21 Comments

  1. But are there eels in Eel? (If not, how do they make eel pie?)

    And yes, Maggie Smith would be awesome. And the book is cheap enough I can afford to buy it for my Kindle, so I don’t have to wait for the movie to come out….

    I’ve thought of how I would cast ‘Wildmage’, there was an actress in a Korean drama that would be right for one character, Miyeok , but all I can remember about that drama is that the girl’s mama ran a dumpling restaurant and she sold dumplings in the market place.

    교인애 Inae Kyo would love to share..The beneficial effect of chastity on magicMy Profile

  2. Hi, Marian. I saw your comment on my recent blog post and came over to meet. I’m going to pass on the Stylish Award for now (I think I got one months ago), but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that I’ve met you. I’m at my youngest daughter’s until tomorrow evening, but when I get home to my own computer I’m going to buy your book for my kindle. I too love the cover and the premise intrigues me.

    Glad to now be a follower!

    p.s. Have been thinking about using WordPress, if I can figure it out, for another project I’m thinking of. But I don’t want to give up blogger because I have so many wonderful followers. How difficult Is WordPress?

    Ann Best would love to share..Countdown for My Memoirs ReleaseMy Profile

    • I used for a while, then switched to a self-hosted WordPress, which was a whole different animal! People who have used Blogger AND the free WordPress AND self-hosted WordPress say that Blogger is the easiest to use and self-hosted WordPress is the most flexible. Whatever you use, something is going to go wonky somewhere along the line. For instance, I used to have a Google Friends button on my sidebar, and one day it disappeared. I’ve done the “fixes” I’ve found recommended, but the beautiful followers I picked up during the blog challenge are gone with the wind! I think I can go find them on Google Friend Connect, but I miss them in my sidebar!

      Why are you thinking of switching to WordPress?

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