Friday Recommends – Happy News

First, I have a new short story out! It’s a hard-boiled cozy called “Crumb”, in which a tough broad who opens a tea shop (naturally, there’s a cat in it–I said it’s a cozy) is invaded by a hit-man hired … Continue reading →

Trailing Clouds of Glory

Well, not quite. That’s a quote from William Wordsworth’s Intimations of Immortality From Recollections of Early Childhood. How do you like them apples? Anyway, it’s a classy and oblique way to lead into telling you I have a new book … Continue reading →

A New Trailer

Not to live in, to watch. I already posted this one for eBooks for Christmas, and now I’ve made two more, one for EEL’S REVERENCE and one for FORCE OF HABIT, each only 30 seconds long: I made the Christmas … Continue reading →

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