A Sausage For Joey #Vegan

The other day, Joey recommended I try MorningStar Farm’s vegan sausages. I believe she recommended the links but ugh. So we tried the patties. Also pretty ugh. See, back when we lived in Louisville, we frequently drove past the silos … Continue reading →

A.J.’s Dockside on #TybeeIsland YES, TYBEE ISLAND AGAIN! #ThursdayDoors

I have one more batch after these of Tybee pictures to post. Understand, these are only the ones that are tangentially doorish. I have many pictures I’m not posting, so count your blessings. My friends and I were crazy about … Continue reading →

Welcome Back! Oh, I Was The One Who Was Gone. #Vegan #Food

I had a great time last month, doing Story A Day May! I got a lot of work out of it, and I look forward to putting together some collections including the stories I wrote in May. BUT NOW I’m … Continue reading →

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