#Linux Bystander Survival #FridayRecommends

I’m running sideways to keep from flying this morning, but I have to put you onto these. The closer Windows 10 looms, the more I love Linux. I’m still running Win7 on one computer, but I have two Linux distros … Continue reading →

Reunion #amwriting #SciFi @HollyJahangiri @StoryADayMay 29

Today is my last Holly story of Story A Day May 2016. Last week, I asked Holly (the real one) to give me a prompt for today. She gave me a whole list, most of which I used. There WILL … Continue reading →

Lonnie, Me and the Block Party Cookoff #amwriting @StoryADayMay 24

I’m late posting today because my laptop wouldn’t connect to the internet this morning. Charlie’s would, but not mine. Now it does. ~sighing~ Technology, eh? This is the next-to-last Lonnie and Tiny story of Story a Day in May. I … Continue reading →

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