Sage and Asparagus Mac-N-Cheese #Vegetarian

So this was really good. The only drawback was, I didn’t use a big enough dish and the sauce overfleweded and made a mess on the counter. And I hadn’t even been drinking. But that was before I put it … Continue reading →

Sugared Cranberries — Beautiful For the Holidays!

Our #1 Daughter gave us this recipe, and I also looked it up online to make sure I was doing it right. It’s super-easy, it only has three ingredients, and it looks smashing! Taste … ~wiggles hand back and forth~. … Continue reading →

Artichokes Unpacetta #vegetarian

One of the dishes we got on our trip to Leitchfield was Artichokes Pancetta, but I didn’t have any pancetta when I made mine, so mine was vegetarian by default. Pancetta, in case you don’t know, is a pork product … Continue reading →

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