You’ll Learn Better, Soon Enough #SampleSunday

I’m just about finished with my finished draft of the story I’m writing for a collection of tales from the world of my SAGE fantasy trilogy (link is to my SAGE page on this site). I hope to finish the … Continue reading →

Mock Me At Your Leisure #SampleSunday

I was working on that story I have in the Scrivener writing program and got stuck. I took a nap and realized I was stuck because I needed to put something in, so I added this. Young Salali has run … Continue reading →

The Trouble With #Scrivener #amwriting

I got stuck on that story I’m working on in Scrivener. Over the years, I’ve learned that, if I’m stuck, then I’m doing something wrong. That being the case, I let myself stay stuck while I worried the problem like … Continue reading →

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