5 Dialog Exercises #amwriting

I love exercises. Not physical exercises — oh, dear me, no. You can’t pry my lazy butt off the couch with a crowbar. I mean writing exercises. Here are some writing exercises to limber up your dialog muscles. 1  Write … Continue reading →

Plot Plot Plot Plottidy Plot #amwriting

Now that I have my short story collection in the can, I’m turning my attention to the first of my Spadena Street mysteries, BAR SINISTER. I wrote it as a short story, then expanded it one November into 60,000 words. … Continue reading →

Omniscient Business Plots Fresh Toast #FridayRecommends

You are never gonna believe this. Guess what happened. Guess. Okay, don’t guess, ’cause you can’t. This guy from England contacted me through this website and suggested a post on his blog for Friday Recommends. Here, look: From: Martin Cavannagh … Continue reading →

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