FVFD Disorder

Although it’s still August, the growing season is drawing to a close, and I’m beginning to suffer from FVFD–Fresh Veggies and Fruit Deprivation Disorder. Mr. Hambly isn’t coming to the farmers’ market any more, so no more of his wonderful tomatoes and heavenly little eggplants. Mr. Cotner’s peaches are pretty well finished, so no more eat-it-over-the-sink lusciousness. Corn is pretty well over. We’ll still have grapes and squash and apples and kale for a while.

The only good thing about it is, when winter comes, can wild mushrooms be far behind? Well, actually, yes, they’re still months and months away, but it’s something to look forward to: Those first fists of rhubarb pushing out of the ground, the first asparagus spears, the scouting forays into the woods and then–quarry spotted! Tally ho!

Meanwhile, I’m savoring what’s left, and looking forward to the fresh eggs that the cooler weather will bring.

WRITING PROMPT: Have a character realize that a certain fruit or vegetable is his or her favorite and uncover why.


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