Restaurant Review, Lotus Grill

So the Lotus Grill, across the street from the con hotel, donated some food to the con suite. We missed it, but they cleverly left some menus. We walked across the street and had a nice sit-down meal.

The restaurant was clean and pretty, not over-decorated. They had hot tea but only paper or Styrofoam cups. I was like, “I wish I could have a real cup. I don’t like drinking out of paper or Styrofoam.” So the man said, “You can drink out of a bowl. You want to drink your tea out of a bowl?” I said, “Yeah!” So there was a fairly active discussion in another language with somebody in the kitchen, who came out and gave me the eye, but I got my bowl of tea. Bud Blossom would not have been as nice, I can tell you–not unless he was in a particularly good mood, or really liked you, or meant to be sarcastic.

I ordered vegetable Double-Fried Noodles, which I have never had, and it was the most divinely delicious food imaginable! I’m all about noodles, anyway, and this was sheer heaven. We don’t have a microwave in our room, so we couldn’t bring back leftovers, so I had to stuff it all down–oh darn.

If you’re ever in Columbus, Ohio, look for the DoubleTree hotel and then look across the street for the Lotus Grill.

Oh, and it’s cheap, too.

WRITING PROMPT: Does your main character have any particular opinion of paper or Styrofoam or plastic?



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