Another Peril of NaNo

In attempting to stall … I mean, to research … Okay, I was stalling. Anyway, I did the Free Kibble quiz and learned what anyone who watches any of the CSI shows knows–that urine glows under black light. Did everybody in the world know that but me?

So then I got sidetracked, wondering how I could use that in a story, and then I thought, “No, everybody knows that–everybody would use that in a story.” So I had to stop and write this post to get it off my mind so I can get back to PICKLE IN A PEAR TREE, although I wouldn’t be surprised if glow-in-the-dark urine tries to muscle its way in somewhere.

I mean, be honest, fellow wives: how many of us could save money on night light bulbs if we just put a black light near the john?

Was that indelicate? I’m sorry. Pretend I didn’t say it.

You’ll be happy to know that I’ll have a guest poster tomorrow, writer and artist Mary Montague Sikes, author of NIGHT WATCH, an action/adventure romance with a paranormal twist.

WRITING PROMPT: What does your main character do to put off doing something difficult?



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One thought on “Another Peril of NaNo

  1. Nancy Williams

    November 15, 2010 at 8:42pm

    I believe all body fluids glow in the dark. that’s why I refuse to use a black light. LOL. My heroine is a type A, committed personality. She doesn’t put things off and gets frustrated when there’s nothing to do. Can you say, help the castle gardeners.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

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