March Update, With Food

I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I had a guest, so I’m doing it today. It’s MY blog, right, and I can update it on the second instead of the first if I want to, yeah? Yeah. So it’s update day, and I’ve put up a new Hot Flash. Click here to read it. Scroll down that page for January’s and February’s, and links to previous years’.

Now to the food. Because Wednesday is supposed to be food day here, although IT IS MY BLOG RIGHT AND I CAN DO FOOD OR NOT DO FOOD WHENEVER I WANT TO YEAH. Anyway. Food.

Last night, we had this.

The white speckled stuff in the bowl is grated raw turnip and sunflower kernels. Sounds ick, but it’s really really good. Sometimes I put French dressing on it, but Charlie has persuaded me that it’s better plain. Trust me, it’s good.

We had a stir fry of bokchoy, mushrooms, turnips and turnip greens. I heated some olive oil, cooked a garlic clove and a lump of ginger long enough to infuse the oil, took those out, cooked the bokchoy until it was just a little bit seared, then added the mushrooms (white and portobello) and the leftover turnip stuff. Cooked it down and dressed it with a little sesame oil.

Got one of those steam-in-a-bag salmon fillets and … well … steamed it in a bag. Meanwhile, heated a lump of butter until it browned, then added cut-up Meyer lemon and some capers. The lemon was supposed to be in thin slices, but somebody peeled one and ate a bit, so I had to make do with lumps and squidges rather than pretty little slices. The slices would have been nicer, because the squidges were much too strong. Pretty nice, anyway.

So that’s my food post. Enjoy!

WRITING PROMPT: How OCD is your main character, on a scale ranging from Mr. Monk (very OCD) to Charlie Sheen (not)?



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