Thing That Goes Under the Sea in a Primary Color

I don’t care how many people are doing this for the letter Y, I have to do it too. It’s in my blood. It’s part of my youth. It’s myffic, style of fing.

In addition to finding a video of the song, I was delighted to find one done in Lego. Please forgive me if everyone else in the challenge has posted the same one.

I’m not quite sure why this song is and was such a touchstone to happiness for so many people. Part of it is surely the bouncy beat, part of it is the repetitiveness, which makes it easy to sing even when one is … shall we say … chemically distracted. But there’s also something in the mere combination of “yellow” and “submarine” that appeals. Maybe it’s the similarity in shape of a submarine to a banana that makes a yellow submarine seem both appropriate and funny.

At any rate, here’s to the dear, dead days, and to The Dear Boys who gave us such joy. I refer, of course, to The Beatles, who were not Paul McCartney’s first back-up band.

WRITING PROMPT: What song from your youth makes you happy and why? Apply this to a character.



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