Friday Recommends – Humor, Horror, Arguments and Wounds

It’s a real mixed bag on Friday Recommends this week.

First, Dr. Grasshopper offers this as The Funniest Thing Ever. I just might agree. Even if it isn’t, it’s pretty funny. I would have embedded it, but embedding has been disabled for it, so I can only offer this link to The Funniest Thing Ever.

Okay, now, for something completely different, I recommend Sarah E. Glenn’s post on Greek vampires, who are so not sparkly and sexy. They’re the opposite of sparkly and sexy.

The always amusing Merrill Markoe explains How to Argue Politics no matter what your political leaning. The same general principles apply for any sort of argument, really.

Mystery writer K. B. Owen has a riveting post on 19th Century law enforcement in Hartford, Connecticut, with special attention paid to some awesomely rowdy women.

And, just in case you run into a rowdy woman yourself, Web MD has a True or False mythbusting slideshow on wound care. Well, I thought it was cool. Maybe you don’t get wounded as much as I do. Not from being rowdy, from being clumsy.

Do you have any recommendations for good posts and/or videos this Friday? Leave them in the comments for the other Sweet Little Baby Angels to enjoy.

WRITING PROMPT: A character of your choice runs into a rowdy woman.



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One thought on “Friday Recommends – Humor, Horror, Arguments and Wounds

  1. Jane

    July 30, 2011 at 5:51am

    Hi. That funniest thing IS really funny. Oh my, the heartbreak of the 80’s!

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