The Nut Doesn’t Fall Far

Charlie and I watched two of the grandsons yesterday: Youngest Grandson (6) and Second-Oldest Grandson (10). They play pretty well together, although each of them want to control the action and each of them wants to win. Can’t imagine where they got those traits. Who’re you looking at?

And Youngest Grandson, after rejecting what he thought was Jello, flew back to the table when he found out it was chocolate pudding and said, “I canNOT resist chocolate!”

Second-Oldest Grandson, when he got bored playing, curled up with a book.

It made me nostalgic for the days when Oldest Grandson and I would spend all day building things with Lego, or the summer we watched all the Star Trek (TOS) movies and episodes we could find and made our own tribbles.

Folks, these guys’ moms are my step-adopted daughters. Is it possible to inherit by osmosis?

WRITING PROMPT: A character who doesn’t generally interact with kids (either ever or currently) spends the day with kids.



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