We Can Do This The Hard Way Or The Easy Way

Anthony Stemke, he of Grits and Groceries, posted a recipe for English Trifle the other day, along with some history and a gorgeous picture, which I have ganked. Courteously.

Okay, that’s the hard way.

A middling way is to be found with this wonderful mix-and-match list at Chowhound.

Here’s the MomGoth way:

Leftover cake from the freezer crumbled in the bottom of a glass bowl, canned peaches in raspberry syrup, syrup and all, French vanilla pudding and packaged whipped topping.

Sometimes I like to take a whole day making something complicated and exacting.

Usually not.

WRITING PROMPT: Have a character who plan something meticulous and then have him or her have to do it on the fly.



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