Friday Recommends – Coppers and Crystals

Pel Darzin, the cop in FORCE OF HABIT and “By the Book“, was scheduled to be interviewed today on Paula’s Coppers, but that post isn’t live as of this writing (10:12 EDT). Many other fictional ‘tecs have already been interviewed there, though, so I recommend going and reading those. Most amusing, having the characters speak for themselves.

During last April’s A-to-Z Challenge, Holly Ruggiero did a series of posts on stones and crystals for writers. Holly has an index of these now, with pictures of the rough and cut pieces, scientific information, folklore and folk medicinal uses. Great stuff!

I have a new entry for the Snort Coffee Out Your Nose category of my blogroll: Carl Ray’s FISH TANK. We used to keep fish, and these cartoons aren’t far wrong. I have no difficulty imagining ours having lived lives this rich and strange.

Finally, because my mother says this blog has been all about other people lately, here is a picture of my cat, Katya, in her new hangout. In the pantry. Two shelves up. Behind the ramen. Yeah, she’s wack. If I put a soft blanket and a play-toy up there, she’d abandon it and find somewhere else desolate to crouch. I think she’s playing Apocalypse or something. “Here’s the survivalist kitty, safely ensconced in her secret bunker, food supplies nearby. She is alone, as all survivors must, ultimately, be alone, for who can you trust in these desperate days?”

She’s a lunatic.

But I’m all right.

WRITING PROMPT: What kind of noodles does your main character eat? Why?





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