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Presidential Election

Thank you, Marian for hosting me. I’m delighted to announce the release of my latest novel, Every Savage Can Reproduce (, Pride and Prejudice-inspired Science Fiction. Since Marian is into fantasy writing, I think her readers and she will be interested in world building.

Thanks, Enid. And thank you very much for the correct grammatical construction, “her readers and she”. So refreshing! I want to read more already!

BTW, Enid comes to us from Sydney, Australia, so be patient in waiting for replies to your comments. 🙂

In my latest novel, the people on earth in future have to select a temporary president. Here is an excerpt from the novel, with the candidates delivering the speech for the presidential election:


“Well, I must admit that I don’t feel happy about the prospect of leaving the rule to Willoughby or Sir Walter, either,” Elizabeth Bennet said. “We have had two horrendous years, suffering from the Queen Immortal Catherine de Bourgh and Prince Wickham. If those in charge decide to skim our citizens for even more money, or institute even stricter regulations, we’ll suffer again.”

Darcy nodded.

She sighed. “I think I’m inclined to accept the position now, for the next year and a half, should I be elected. We can encourage more candidates to come forward for the presidential election then.”

Yea! Logan, Darcy and Elizabeth’s unborn son, cheered. Mother President! President Mrs. Darcy!

“I’ll support whatever decision you make,” Darcy pledged. “As Richard suggested, we can park the palace at Pemberley, and you won’t have to travel far to go to work. Everyone in Pemberley will see to your needs.” He lowered his head and gave her a reassuring kiss.

With this new-forged agreement, the Darcys returned to the grand meeting room.

Sir Walter Elliot was the first to speak. “Citizens of Earth, I would be honoured to work with Prime Minister John Willoughby of Allenham to ensure that happiness and freedom are restored on Earth. After years of your ruler’s  suppression, I propose to allow total freedom for all people. You will be free to have sex, choose your partners and marry whomever you want, once we are elected. Indeed, you can have as many babies as you wish, with whomever you wish – even the aliens. Haha! There will be more pleasure facilities built for you in the next years. Life is short, so play as hard as you can. Now, Willoughby, charm their socks off,” Sir Walter concluded.

“Thank you, Sir Walter, and thank you, Citizens of Earth. I would be honoured to be allowed a chance to work for you. I am the youngest Prime Minister in Allenham, and therefore I understand the pain and suffering of the young people on Earth. The galaxy has been ruled by too many staid and boring old men and women for too long – Sir Walter excepted, as he is high on partnering with young people. You need a voice, and I will speak loudest for you. I’ll cry, scream and yell for your welfare, until your desires are met. I’ll be passionate, fervent and energetic in my work. You won’t find my plans and recommendations boring or traditional. I’ll push Earth to a new era, with new frontiers and experiences. Who do you want to speak for you, work for you and help you reach new heights? The crazy old Queen Immortal? Her rich nephew’s unknown wife? Or a man with passion and vision?”

John Willoughby then bowed deeply and left the floor for Elizabeth to speak.

“Dear fellow citizens, thank you for nominating me to become the temporary caretaker of Earth. I may not be as well known in the Galaxy as Sir Walter or Mr. Willoughby, but I know about your worries and issues, because I am one of you. My plans for the next year and a half would include, firstly, recruiting two advisers who have more experience in government and political decision-making than I, myself, possess, to help me navigate through these complex issues.

“Second, I would review and remove the unfair and autocratic laws imposed by the former Queen and George Wickham. Thirdly, I would identify suitable permanent presidential candidates to participate in the election in 3820. Fourth, I would work with inventors, scientists and agriculturalists to find solutions to the pressure on our food supply.

“Lastly, I recommend abolishing the class system that has been in place for so long. I believe in equality. A lord is born on Earth, of his loving parents. I am also born here, of my dear parents. We should be treated equally in our right to work, live, marry and have children. I promise that I will be fair, diligent and compassionate. And I hope to help our planet become a happier place for our children, from now on. Thank you.”


Well how do you find the candidates’ speeches?

Below is detail about Every Savage Can Reproduce (ISBN: 978-0-9806105-9-8):

In the futuristic society on Planet Earth, Elizabeth Bennet is accused of luring Fitzwilliam Darcy to an illegal establishment, which leads to their exile deep in the centre of a rebel planet. The subsequent galactic war exposes dark secrets regarding the autocratic Queen Immortal. Will Elizabeth and Darcy discover their love for one another and find their way back to Earth?

Set in the 39th Century, this novel is a tale of Pride and Prejudice-inspired science fiction, where Jane Austen’s characters take on new lives but still face the barrier of class distinction and seek to overcome their faults, as in the original classic.

For more information, please visit me at

I’m pleased to give out a pdf copy of Every Savage Can Reproduce and a souvenir from Australia. Just comment below and tell me your favourite leader in an apocalyptic novel or movie. Contest ends 31 Sept and is open to worldwide readers. Happy commenting!

WRITING PROMPT: Lost in Space was THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON set in the future. Forbidden Planet was THE TEMPEST set in the future. Treasure Planet was TREASURE ISLAND set in the future. Your assignment today, should you choose to accept it, is to take a classic and brainstorm it into the future.



I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but now live in the woods in southern Indiana. Though I only write fiction, I love to read non-fiction. The more I learn about this world, the more fantastic I see it is.

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    Thanks Marian for hosting me. Cheers from rainy and dark Sydney!

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