Friday Recomments – Why Anthropology and More

Last week, I promised anthropology in my title and then did not, apparently, follow through. This is because I’m so stupid subtle. I had it in mind how the fabulous Sara Deurell, who is posting again, is currently thinking about anthropology as a major in college and forgot to post the actual anthropology link I intended to post.

So NOW I recommend the series of posts Barbara J. King (my favorite anthropologist until Sarah graduates) is doing for the NPR Cosmos and Culture blog. The latest one (as of 10/21/2011) is Do Animals Grieve.

From the Department of Self-referentiality, I call your attention to the menu above the post. It is now a drop-down menu and people looking for posts specifically about food can hover over the Recipes tab to find posts about food. People looking for posts specifically about writing can hover over the Writing tab and find posts specifically about writing and–and this is the interesting bit–specifically by frequent guest F. A. (Floyd) Hyatt.

I have a post up today at The Write Type called Telemarketers For Fun And Profit. Some people like to mess with telemarketers’ heads. I don’t, unless you call “connecting with them as one person/worker to another” messing. As Maude said of people in “Harold and Maude“, “Well, they’re my species!”

Again, I recommend visiting Ironclad Tech Services. Sean has some way cool help articles on there, especially for Android and Linux. He’s very responsive to questions, too. It’s a fairly new site so it isn’t, as we blog-heads say, “fully populated”, but there’s plenty of good stuff there. I recommend that you bookmark it and visit, just to see what’s new.

Now, from the department of Coolest Thing Ever: Mitchell Allen (no relation) of Morpho Designs loves writing prompts. If you go to his site and scroll down to Dirty Chocolate, you’ll see his response to one of mine. Cool!

If you write something in response to one of my prompts and post it somewhere, please feel free to come back here and drop a link to it!

I’ll be walking for–well, against, actually–breast cancer tomorrow, then going to an all-day church retreat (No, they are not deprogramming me, shut up!), but I’ll try to crank out something before I go. Sunday is Sample Sunday. Not sure if I’ll have an excerpt or a flash or what. Have a good un!

WRITING PROMPT: A telemarketer calls someone who messes with his/her head. Write the scene from the point of view of the messer and then from the point of view of the telemarketer.



I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but now live in the woods in southern Indiana. Though I only write fiction, I love to read non-fiction. The more I learn about this world, the more fantastic I see it is.

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