Beating Myself Up

Not really beat up. Result of a 2005 encounter with a parking lot. The parking lot won.

If I were still Catholic, I would go to confession and say, “My bad, my bad, my most grievous bad.”

For the first time, I let one of my authors down. I was supposed to do an interview with Cedric MacKinnon, Male Vampire Courtesan and Badass from Denise Verrico’s Immortyl Revolution series on Halloween, and I totally didn’t. I had all the bits of the interview. I knew I was supposed to do it. I knew I was supposed to do it Real Soon Now and I was excited about doing it. But the day came and the day went and then I was like — sorry, Mom — OH, SHIT! (Mom says, “I wouldn’t have in my hand what you just had in your mouth.”)

Denise has forgiven me, and so has Cedric (though I suspect it’s going to end up costing me a sparkly). I’ve featured Denise twice before, here and here, so she has some basis for forgiveness. Still, I thank her. The interview will run this coming Monday. Meanwhile, in partial reparation, all of today’s recommendations are for Denise and Cedric.

The Immortyl Revolution web site promises vampires who do NOT sparkle, although Cedric may sport jewels and body glitter. “Immortyl Revolution vampires drink blood, have fangs and deal with mature conflicts and politcal struggles within their culture.” Keep up-to-date on who’s who and what’s what with a background piece on the underlying lore at the base of Verrico’s take on vampirism, a character list, videos, excerpts from all three books and artwork inspired by the series.

If you’re on Facebook, you can find Denise Verrico and Immortyl Revolution there and you can subscribe to Cedric’s Fan Page.

If you’re on Twitter, Denise and Cedric are there.

If you just want to cut to the chase–so to speak–here’s a page of buy links and links to reviews.

WRITING PROMPT: A character completely fails to meet an obligation. What is his/her reaction? What sort of repercussions (if any) does he/she face? Does reputation and past performance play any part in that?



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