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Today is food day on the old bloggerino. We have Thanksgiving coming up in the USA tomorrow, then my little family is celebrating two birthdays on Saturday. So we’ll be all about cooking for a good, long while. Yes, I will make fruitcake at some point. We love fruitcake. Most of us, anyway.

Here are two of my favorite things, other than bourbon, to use in cooking:

Smoked paprika. I just discovered this. I usually use sweet Hungarian paprika, but this smoked stuff is DA BOMB! For best results and to drive your taste buds insane with joy, toast it a little in oil or butter or margarine before adding it to the dish. Lord have mercy!

Garlic-infused olive oil. I’m always telling you to use this, but I don’t think I told you how to make it. Did I? Anyway, here’s how: Open a bottle of light-flavored olive oil. Pour it into a container you can cap TIGHTLY. Peel a clove of garlic or two. Drop the garlic into the oil. Cap it and let it sit on the counter until you can open the container and smell the garlic. Refrigerate. After a few hours, the oil will turn white and solid. You can scoop out as much as you need to melt in a pan or a pot or you can spread it on bread and toast that up under the broiler. Lovely.

In addition to that, I direct you to my Recipes tab, where you’ll find all kindsa food stuff, and to my blogroll over there in the sidebar, where I have links to Food websites.

Also, Pat Bean has a great post today with a writer’s recipe for chicken and rice.

I have a guest post at Leslea Tash’s The Fabulousness. It’s a pitiful dream of what I would do with a Kindle Fire in the kitchen, supposing I had one. A Kindle Fire, I mean. I do have a kitchen.

WRITING PROMPT: What are the main cooking tools in your WIP or your favorite book? If the main cooking tools aren’t mentioned, what would you imagine them to be?



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      Marian Allen

      November 23, 2011 at 2:04pm

      If you want the oil to be more garlicky, mash the cloves before you drop them in. Since we’ve gone practically vegetarian, I find that I can use garlic olive oil as flavoring in place of ham in bean soup and greens.

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