Eating and Inking

Long-time readers (Hi, Mom!) know there are three things I’m obsessed with: food, turtles and tattoos. Probably more than that, but three will do. So Inlet Breeze, our cottage on Tybee Island, was perfect for me. Go north about a stone’s throw and you come to Tybrisia. Turn right and you pass Brass Anchor Tattoo. A block or so past that is the beach, the pier and, to the left, the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.

As always, I did not get, nor did I ever have any intention of getting, a tattoo, but I went in and looked at the flash (the art to be transferred) and talked to one of the guys. He was very kind and patient, and offered to help me find a “badass unicorn with flames coming out of his nose”, which I was sorry to decline.

Mah new bestie.

We ate at The Crab Shack, then somewhere else, and were so disappointed with the somewhere else we had to go back to The Crab Shack to get the good taste back in our mouths. I post about it today at Fatal Foodies.

But I’m home, now, and the grocery calls. See you tomorrow!

WRITING PROMPT: IF your main character HAD to get a unicorn tattoo, what would it look like?



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