Friday Recommends – A Very Vegan Christmas

I admit it. This past week, on Tybee Island, I was not vegan. I was not vegetarian. I fell off the turnip truck so hard, Mahatma Gandhi bounced. So Imma make up for it by taking vegan dishes to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That way, I know our vegan daughter will have something she can eat.

What will I make? Well, maybe a bean cassoulet, though not the kind I made before, since I don’t have the same stuff in the pantry and fridge. Maybe something else.

I’ll have plenty to choose from. I found these nifty sites, great for finding recipes to please the vegan in your family or, if you’re the vegan in your family, great for finding recipes to please the omnivores who don’t know who good vegetarian food is.

Vegan.SheKnows has a selection of delicious-looking recipes

The Veggie Table presents a full menu, with recipes, for a Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

Veg Kitchen has a variety of Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

If you’re British, or are partial to marmite and such, try the Vegan Family’s Vegan Christmas or Yule recipes.

And, if all those fail you, you can’t go wrong browsing Vegans Eat Pencil Shavings.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go rummage in the kitchen and decide whether I want to make a lentil and mushroom risotto or maybe a vegetable shepherd’s pie or….

WRITING PROMPT: One member of your main character’s family has dietary restrictions. How does your main character deal with that?




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