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I usually save my web site recommendations for Friday, but a lot of people are bent out of shape by the Timeline being rolled out for (or should I say rolled over) everybody soon. My BFF, Sean McCreary of Ironclad Tech Services, posted a link to this super tutorial on resuming control of your Facebook privacy, once the new Timeline screws everything up for you.

Me, I love the new Timeline, and implemented it as soon as it was offered, way back when. I wish they had it for Pages. People are all, “I don’t want my whole history on Facebook up there!” And I’m like, “You’ve been putting stuff on Facebook that you wouldn’t want made public? Hello? WORLD WIDE WEB? If you don’t want it public, keep it to yourself.

Meanwhile, I’m over at Fatal Foodies, posting hummus recipes.

WRITING PROMPT: A character puts something in writing long ago that comes back to bite him or her in the butt.



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      Marian Allen

      February 7, 2012 at 11:17am

      I believe one can go through the Timeline and hide any stories one doesn’t want to show up. One of the benefits of living in a small town is a keen awareness of being watched. lol

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