A Surprising Use For Kosher Salt

It surprised me, anyway.

But first: When I told my husband I was using Kosher salt, he asked what was kosher about it. I didn’t know, but I said, as my office-manager mother taught me, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to you.”

It turns out that the actual term is “koshering salt”. Kosher meat must be free of all blood, and salt draws the blood out. Koshering salt is ground coarsely, with more surface area, so it draws the liquid out more quickly. That’s what Ask Yahoo! says, anyway.

ANYWAY, what did I do with Kosher (or koshering) salt?

It’s almost time for the hummingbirds to migrate back, and I hadn’t take down the feeder from last year. Naturally, it was coated inside and out with gunk. I scrubbed the gunk off the outside and off the inside of the bottom part, but the upper part is a tall, thin glass bottle, and any brush that would fit through the hole wouldn’t reach the sides or bottom.

And I went, “Ah HA!” I poured in some of that coarse salt that doesn’t dissolve easily and shook it around, and it scoured off every bit of that yuck. As Mrs. Gumbo would say, “Such a clever girl deserves a cracker with her milk.” Yeah! Go me! Totally MacGyvered that sucker!

WRITING PROMPT: A character makes use of something not intended for that use.



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