New Guy In Town

There’s been a new guy in town this past week. A little beagle has been hanging around. He sports a raggedy collar, so we don’t know if he belongs to somebody or not. He’s as skinny as I am not, so I suspect he’s one of the unfortunates that some hunters run for a season and then abandon so they won’t have to feed them over the winter. Or he could just be lost.

He’s a cute little feller, and our next-door grandson has fallen in love with him. The trouble is, he won’t stay put! I’m not sure if tying him up would be reassurance that we really do want him around or if it would constitute kidnapping.

I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, speaking of posting — and kidnapping — I’m posting today at Fatal Foodies about Ross MacDonald’s THE MOVING TARGET and finding prices of the past.

A WRITING PROMPT: When does being protective become too much?



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One thought on “New Guy In Town

  1. Jane

    October 23, 2012 at 11:35am

    I vote to give him a mansion with a Porsche in front, plus some smelly dog food, and just see if he’d like to stay.

    Oh BTW, would he even tolerate a leash?? Maybe just taking him for a walk would give him a clue. Or, say, a new collar!

    Maybe he’d like a name! Chiquita did, in the worst way. She wanted a home and a name and went begging all over the neighborhood until she found a chump to take her in (me).

    Good luck with the new guy.

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    • Author

      Marian Allen

      October 23, 2012 at 3:49pm

      Jane, I like all those suggestions. But I have to be careful I don’t make Joe jealous. If we can get this fella to stick around, he’ll be the grandson’s dog, so I need to ask him what he’d like to name the pup.

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