Zatarain’s Burns Me Up

Last week, I told you about the swag Zatarain’s sent me through Klout. I observed that the jambalaya with pasta was disappointingly mild.

Well, this week, we tried the gumbo with pasta. Mild is not what it is. In fact, it’s the opposite of mild. By tug ith thi’ dub — that’s how not mild it is. Charlie, who doesn’t like spicy food, was not best pleased. I, who do like spicy food but have a limit short of self-injury, was also not best pleased.

Our #2 grandson, 12, shoveled it in with both hands and took the leftovers home.

So, if you like your food spicy-hot, Zatarain’s gumbo mix or gumbo with pasta might be just your style.

Be warned.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character eats something too spicy.



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One thought on “Zatarain’s Burns Me Up

  1. Jane

    December 5, 2012 at 12:35pm

    Hi. I have most often found Zataran’s too salty. Then they began running adds about how they changed the salt content. (Really!) I was thinking about trying them again. SO…thanks for the warning!

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