#Knitting A Tiny Turtle

knitturtleHe didn’t turn out tiny, and he didn’t turn out purty. He’s a poor thing, but mine own. I hope the ones that follow will be superior. If you want to try, here’s my pattern.

Oh, for those who don’t savvy the lingo, here’s what the abbreviations mean:

  • CO = cast on
  • k2tg = knit two stitches together (decreases 2 stitches into 1)
  • kfb = knit front and back (increases 1 stitch into 2)
  • st = stitches (duh)
  • *blah blah* = repeat the pattern inside the ** to the end of the row
  • PU = pick up stitches

If there’s any of this you don’t know how to do yet, do what I do and run whining to KnittingHelp.com.


Body and tail

CO 3 stitches

  1. knit
  2. kfb, kfb, k1 (you now have 5 stitches)
  3. purl
  4. k1, *kfb* (9 st)
  5. purl
  6. k1, *k1, kfb* (13 st)
  7. knit
  8. knit
  9. purl
  10. knit
  11. purl
  12. knit
  13. purl
  14. k1, *k1, k2tg* (9 st)
  15. purl
  16. k1, *k2tg* (5 st)
  17. purl
  18. k1, k2tg (3 st)
  19. k3tg

Cut yarn, leaving 6 inch tail. Using tapestry needle, run yarn through last stitch and then into the knitting and tie it off. this should leave a stubby little tail.

Cut another length of yarn. using the tapestry needle, run it through stitches on the circumference of the knitting. Pull it closed like a drawstring and tie it off.

If your guy comes out the way my guy did, you’ll have a ridge at one end. I used that as the front of the shell. The front feet need to be placed just behind that ridge, with the back feet a few stitches back from them. The head, of course, is at the opposite end from the tail!


PU 2 st

  • knit
  • purl
  • k2tg

Finish off, as you did for the tail.


PU 3 st

  • knit
  • purl
  • k2tg

Finish off. You might want to stuff him. You might need to tighten up or sew closed that underside. I’m thinking of cutting a piece of felt and sewing it on.

I hope your guy comes out looking better than my guy did, but I’m proud of him, even though he is kind of raggedy.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character loves something he or she has made, even though it’s seriously flawed. Steampunkers, I’m lookin’ at YOU.



I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but now live in the woods in southern Indiana. Though I only write fiction, I love to read non-fiction. The more I learn about this world, the more fantastic I see it is.

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