Every day, we expected them to come up with a vaccine or a cure or something, but they never did. This time, they never did.

At first, I hardly noticed the difference. I spend most of my time in my room, anyway, telecommuting to my job, playing online games, video chatting – you know, an active professional and personal life.

They had just paid for their purchases when the door opened and a man slipped in. He wore black trousers, a horizontally striped black-and-white jersey, a black cap and a black mask. In his hand, he carried a bag marked SWAG.

“That man is up to no good,” said Denny. “I have a feeling.”

So me and Mimsy and Flora was having a kind of a cook-out. We was on the long hols and decided to camp in the woods behind the house. Mum didn’t fancy it, because she said some psycho tramp could come do us proper, so we said we’d just like have the afternoon and do a Girl Guides supper and be in before dark.