#Caturday Katya On Cold

KATYAcKatya Graymalkin here.

Mom is a little bit mad at me because I gave her a cold. I didn’t exactly mean to do it, but I had one, and she got in my face, going, “Ooza mamma’s widdle kitty-woozie,” and that kind of thing, and I sneezed.

It was only a cat-sized cold, though, and Mom is so much larger than cat-sized that the cold turned out to be relatively mild.

But that isn’t what I want to talk about today.

KatyaWarmIt’s cold where we are, and getting colder. Here is a picture of me with a view of the snowy outdoors. This, dear readers, is the proper relationship between a pet cat and the snowy outdoors.

Some cats live outdoors by choice, and some live outdoors because there are more cats than there are indoor spaces, but if you have a cat you love (or, I guess, a dog), make sure it has some shelter, even if it’s just an old Christmas tree propped up against another tree.

Here’s a post by the Tails Media people quoting the ASPCA’s 10 tips for keeping your pet safe in cold weather.

My friend Jane is Mommy to a whole pod of wild and partly wild cats, and she has a “Princess House” and lots of sheltery places for them. She makes sure they have food and melted water. Mom says Jane shows her pictures of her outdoor cats, and they’re all healthy and have kitty friends to snuggle with. Her indoor cats have lots of places to curl up and be warm.

I don’t have my own cat bed, but I don’t need one; I sleep on the people bed most of the time, and on the couch the rest of the time. That’s what I would do, even if I had my own bed. ha!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: You’re outside and it’s cold. What do you do?


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One thought on “#Caturday Katya On Cold

  1. jane

    January 4, 2014 at 9:22am

    Hello, Katya!

    It sure is going to be pretty nippy for a while, isn’t it? You are surely better off where you are, with your kind Mommy. My outdoor friends have gotten some new snuggle places this year. I guess this will be the live test run, Won’t it? I’m going outside later today and police the whole area (in view of incoming snow) and try to get everything set for when the Arctic Whoosh gets here. One word. Straw.

    Tell your Mom to cover up everything and then add ANOTHER layer.
    Hugs! 😉

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    • Author

      Katya Graymalkin

      January 4, 2014 at 9:56am

      Hi, Jane! Straw is the outdoor animal’s best friend! Joe the dog HATED to come inside unless it was below zero. Charlie left the door to the potting shed open, and built a den inside it out of straw bales, and lined it with old quilts and blankets. That’s where Joe always wanted to curl up. If it was below zero, Mom would make Joe go into the basement, but he didn’t like it and cried to go back out! He was so stupid! Your cats are lucky to have such a good Mommy.

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