Caturday With Katya On Saying Goodbye

KATYAcKatya Graymalkin here.

You know Granny’s cat Ozzie passed away this week. It was scary and sudden. He had a nasty thing called heartworms. We didn’t know it — even the vet, who helps Granny take good care of all her animals, didn’t know it.

Goodby forever?When Mom told me, I was really really sorry for Granny. Then I thought, at least Mom wouldn’t come home smelling like him because he sits in her lap sometimes. It’s bad enough that her feet smell like Sweetie Pie, because Sweetie Pie likes to be petted with feet. And I thought, at least he won’t be coming up here all the time, sitting on my porch being not me.

But then I felt bad because Mom was so upset and because she said Granny missed him so much. And I have to admit, he was a neighborhood character. Things will be a lot quieter and less exciting without him around stirring things up.

KatyagetsScritchedSo then I needed some comforting, and Mom was right there to give me what I like best, even better than crunchy food: chin scritches.

She said she used to give Ozzie chin scritches, and he would act like he liked them and then, all of a sudden, he would grab her arm with his claws a little bit out, or he would bite her (not enough to break the skin). Boy! If I ever did that, I’d be picking myself up off the floor near whichever wall I bounced off of last! ha! I guess it pays to be Granny’s cat!

But Ozzie grew up on the streets, so I guess he didn’t know any better. She said he would go “bite, lick, bite, bite, lick, lick, lick.”

Granny is coming over later today. I don’t like lots of people around, but I’m going to try to come out and see Granny. That’s bound to make her happy, don’t you think?



Goodbye, Ozzie. I’ll miss you.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: How would you feel if your rival was suddenly not there anymore?


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One thought on “Caturday With Katya On Saying Goodbye

  1. Jane

    February 15, 2014 at 9:57am

    When Nicholas was a newbie in the house, Blackjack rebuffed him. I was HIS woman. Then Nick had to go spend some time at the cat hospital. BJ purred for three days straight. Then Nick came home again. GRRR! Dissapointment! Some things you just have to get used to.

    Bye, Oz.

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  2. Chris Graham

    February 15, 2014 at 2:22pm

    All cats have a thin veil between the pleasure and pain sensations, it probably feels like that uncomfortable sensation we get just before cramps occur in our legs – for feral and semi-feral street cats like Ozzie, that veil is even thinner. He only gripped you and held your arm with minimum claws and a little teeth nip to make you stop before the pain sensation REALLY kicked in – THAT would have started his back legs gutting reflex!

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