Protein By Way of Cackleberries — Eggs, That Is

Regular readers (Hi, Jane!) know that I’m handling Mom’s food now, since she stopped doing well on Jevity liquid nutrition. Nothing against the product; it’s full of protein and vitamins and fiber and stuff. She did well on it for about a year, then not.

ANYWAY, her doctor suggested we try liquifying real food and putting that down her g-tube instead. So today, we got a call from a hospital nutritionist that Mom’s doctor asked to check on us and make sure Mom was getting the nutrition she needs.

After the questions-and-answers, she said we’re doing a great job! The only thing she wanted to make certain of was that Mom’s getting enough protein. She said eggs were the best source of protein.


protein by way of cackleberriesThese are poached eggs — or, as some child or other used to call them, posted eggs. Eggs. Cackleberries. Hen fruit. Yum.

The Smitten Kitchen has a procedure for posting poaching eggs, but this is not what I would do, if I were making it for myself and Charlie. For Mom, I just poached them in plain water.

If I were making them for myself and Charlie, I would have used vegetable broth or wine, with maybe some thyme or marjoram, but Mom can’t taste it, so I just used the water.

protein -- hen fruit on toastWhatever — as it was, I broke down and had one of these bad boys over buttered toast for supper, and very good it was, too. The other three are nice and soft but cooked and ready to toss in the blender with Other Stuff for Mom.

We still haven’t given up on her getting back the capacity to eat by mouth. Meanwhile, there’s the blender and the wonderful world of actual-factual food.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Write a scene with eggs in it. Any kind of eggs.



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One thought on “Protein By Way of Cackleberries — Eggs, That Is

  1. Jane

    February 5, 2014 at 10:46am

    Eggs. Walking on eggs. Sounds like family meetings. With a lawyer present.
    Eggs are good. Especially with hashbrowns and ham or bacon and an English muffin. Yum. 😉

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