Chinchilla Coconut Banana Tablet Stickers

MomGoth's idea of humor.
MomGoth’s idea of humor.

By the style of that headline, you can guess what day of the week it is: Friday, with a handful of recommendations for MomGoth’s Sweet Little Baby Angels.

Before I forget, this is the first of the month, so there’s a new Hot Flash on the Hot Flashes page.

You must go to Sara Marian Books and see what my grandchinchilla, Dasha, had to say when she hijacked Sara’s computer. Such a talented rodent!

Now, you know I’m not a dogmatic vegan, and I prefer to have just a bit of the real deal every now and then, but Positively Vegan’s recipe for Coconut “Bacon” sounds right up my alley. I have three of the four ingredients, there are only four ingredients, I like all four ingredients, and it sounds really really good. And easy. Plus: four ingredients.

The Kitchn, which I recommended a few weeks back, has a mostly pictorial post I want you to go scroll through. It’s called “10 Terrible Crimes Against Bananas.” Go look. Right now. I’ll wait.

Okay, I hauled off and bought this tablet on eBay. Ain’t it cute? It comes with a keyboard and all the fixin’s. I got a pink one with a pink keyboard/case. Why pink? HELLO KITTY! When I told the Facebook about it, and that the only thing I love more than I love Alice Cooper is Hello Kitty, Em Ray found me this perfect sticker, which I have also ordered.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Free-write for 10 minutes beginning with the prompt pink.


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One thought on “Chinchilla Coconut Banana Tablet Stickers

  1. Jane

    August 1, 2014 at 9:52am

    Thanks for the recommends.
    Very enjoyable.
    Like the rodent.
    The crispy stuff LOOKS like bacon, I must say.
    Hello, Alice!!

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