Autumn Gnocci #vegetarian #food

What makes this specifically autumn gnocci? Apart from, “Because I said so,” the butternut squash, obvs.

Autumn Gnocci

autmn gnocciSo I cooked some potato gnocci according to package directions and drained it. I can make my own gnocci, and I have made my own gnocci, but I found some packaged cheap, so I bought it. Very good, it is, too.

I cut some portobello mushrooms into chunks. I peeled and cubed a bit of butternut squash. I peeled and sliced a broccoli stem. If you’ve never eaten broccoli stems, you’ve been missing something, lemme tell you. I melted some vegan margarine and stir-fried the mushrooms and broccoli along with some Mrs. Dash. Meanwhile, I boiled the squash for about 15 minutes, then drained it and added it to the stir-fry pan. I added the gnocci to the pan and cooked it all together until the gnocci started to brown a little.

Put it on a plate and sprinkled cheese on top.

If Charlie hadn’t gotten to talking politics, it would have been a wonderful supper. As it is, I’m not sure whether I ate it or rubbed it in my hair. The political process and public policies are important, but never talk politics at the table. You’re better off talking about poop. More appetizing.


A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character talks politics when another character doesn’t want to.



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One thought on “Autumn Gnocci #vegetarian #food

  1. Jane

    November 5, 2014 at 9:08am

    All I can tell you is that after last night’s results, I actually DO want to rub poop in my hair.

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