Munchie’s Vet Visit #Caturday

Amidala speaking.

Well, that so-called brother of mine is making trouble again! He was showing off, jumping off the basement stairs, and strained his leg. He was limping around like Grizelda in CATS, although he could certainly run fast enough when MaMA opened a can of food!

to the vet with you!
The hurty leg.

MaMA isn’t at all happy with how little weight he’s gained, either, although he eats his head off and begs for more. And his ears were filthy! No wonder, for he never cleans them. That’s a boy for you!

So she loaded him into the carrier and took him to Old Capital Veterinary Hospital for a checkup.

He wasn’t very happy about it.

Munchie at the Vet

at the vet
Where’s the door? It’s CLOSED!
still at the vet
Never mind. I’ll jump this huge gap in spite of my HURTY LEG and escape behind that monitor.

MaMA says he didn’t bite or scratch or growl (which I certainly plan to do, when it’s my turn to go), but he did jump from the examining table onto the work counter and try to hide behind the computer screen. And, when the tech was holding him for the doctor to examine him, he (Munchkin, not the doctor) widdled all over the examination table.

They cleaned his nasty ears and drew some blood and told MaMA that Munchkin has hyperthyroidism. That means his metabolism is super-fast. So now he has to take pills EVERY DAY! MaMA crushes them and puts them in his food. He doesn’t know it, but MaMA told me. ha ha! She says I have to be his nurse when she isn’t here. Ugh!

*sigh* Oh, well, I suppose if Queen Elizabeth could serve as a mechanic during World War II, I can nurse Munchkin. Although, if he doesn’t stop stepping on me when I’m curled up next to MaMA, he’s going to need more nursing than she and I together can give him!

Come, MaMA, let's go consult about the patient. And don't forget to close the gate.
Come, MaMA, let’s go consult about the patient. And don’t forget to close the gate.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: What’s the worst illness or injury you’ve had?


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One thought on “Munchie’s Vet Visit #Caturday

  1. Jane

    December 20, 2014 at 9:47am

    Girl, I thought they took these kids to the vet BEFORE they let you borrow them!!!

    My, what excitement! I truly hate that moment when I know it’s off to the vet, and I can’t put it off another second. It’s one of the gruesome chores of parenthood.

    I hope the litle devil gets better. And Munchie, too! Heh.

    Kidding aside, it’s wonderful to discover Munchkin -only- needs a teeny thyroid pill. The other alternatives are harder to deal with.

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    • Marian Allen

      December 20, 2014 at 10:33am

      They DID take them! I have the vet statement to prove it. I emailed the couple who dispensed the cats to me and told them their vet didn’t do a very good job. At their ages, I know I won’t have these guys REAL long, and I’m not an “any expense for my cat” kind of person, so I was relieved that the news was no worse. I was prepared to give him insulin shots (done it before for cats I kittysat) or to say an earlier goodbye than I want to. He’s a sweetie, in spite of what Amidala tries to tell you!

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