Peter Pan, Tiny Tim, and Barnabas #ThrowbackThursday

Okay, Peter Pan, Tiny Tim, and Barnabas walk into a bar….

Not really. I does sound like the lead-in to a great bar joke, though, doesn’t it?

No, it’s this picture.

Peter Pan, Tiny Tim, and Barnabas

BarnabasOh, and Tolkien, too, I guess.

The year was 1969 or so. on the wall are posters of Tiny Tim and Barnabas Collins, the sometimes-vampire (sometimes he got better). I was taking a class in theatrical makeup, and was designing makeup for Peter Pan. That theatrical makeup kit stayed with me for many years, deep into motherhood, and did duty for many a Halloween.

Mad props to Debbie Leuders, one of my roommates and still a dear friend, for the picture.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Try to come up with a joke that goes with that lead-in. Double points if it’s clean.



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One thought on “Peter Pan, Tiny Tim, and Barnabas #ThrowbackThursday

  1. Jane

    December 12, 2014 at 10:46am

    Hi, little elf.

    Peter Pan…I think the best version of Pan I ever saw was the one acted out by me and Sonnie McPherson when we were no more than seven. Sonnie was a big ol’ kid, with a butt crack when he leaned over his bike to fix the wheel, and he was indistingishable from any old trailer park kid (Neither of us lived in a trailer park.)

    But when Sonnie stood up there on top of the picnic table and ad libbed a soliloquy from Peter’s point of view, I felt tears coming on. It was one of the most beautiful performances I’ve ever seen, by anyone. Sonnie WAS Pan.

    THAT is the power of imagination.

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