Ami Is Ready For Her Closeup #Caturday

the queenAmidala speaking.

MaMA let me play with her camera yesterday, and showed me how to take a good self-portrait (or, as humans today call them, a selfie).

This one is a trifle blurred; it’s difficult to photograph oneself in profile.

Ready for her Closeup

ready for her closeupI think I have a very regal snout.

But my eyes are my best feature. Even Charles remarks admiringly upon them.

ready for her closeupMunchie was not allowed to play with the camera. He’s in disgrace again. This time, he didn’t only disgrace himself … er … in a liquid manner, but in a solid one. MaMA has moved his bed onto the basement landing, rather than next to Charles’ chair, which is far from the basement stairs. She hopes Munchkin will curl up in the bed in the new place, and be able to make it downstairs the next time he feels The Call Of Nature.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: Have you ever disgraced yourself?


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One thought on “Ami Is Ready For Her Closeup #Caturday

  1. Jane

    February 7, 2015 at 10:21am

    Thank you, Ami, for sharing your lovely face pics.

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