A Visit From MA #Caturday

MunchyFaceSmHi, I’m Munchkin. Guess what? MA came to visit! I mean, she still lives here, really, but she’s been staying with Granny for two weeks, and she’ll still stay with Granny all the time until the snow and ice goes away and Granny feels better.

But she missed us as much as we miss her, and she put her boots on and walked over to see us. >^..^<

I figured she’s be sore at me because I stopped taking my medicine for Pop. It sure makes Pop sore, but I just don’t like it anymore. Maybe I’m just lonesome for MA, but I won’t take it, even when Pop puts the medicine in warm pork gravy that MA buys just for me.

I’ll tell you who was sore, though: Amidala! MA picked her up and cooed over her and tried to take her picture, but Amidala was not having any part of it.

Not TALKIN' to you!
Not TALKIN’ to you!

So MA tried to take a picture of me. I sat still like a good boy and posed the way she likes. But GUESS WHAT?

3 ambomb
Photobomb Ami!

She got out of the way, and MA got a pretty good picture of me. This is in the basement, where Pop makes us stay. He gives us plenty of food and water, and he cleans our litter boxes and he put our second-favorite beds down here (our favorite is on the couch with MA), so it’s pretty nice.

3 munch
I’ll shine my eyes just a little bit to show I’m happy.

Ami finally came over and posed with me, but she turned her eyes on really bright to show that she was still mad.

visit eh? just a visit?
Ami wants more than a little bitty visit!

I knew she’d be sorry, and she sure was! MA had to go back right away, so Ami missed all the pats and pretty talk and I got it all! I know MA still loves both of us, though, and we’re both looking forward to when MA can come and stay here and just visit Granny instead of the way it is now.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: Did you ever miss out on a good thing because of the way you acted?


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One thought on “A Visit From MA #Caturday

  1. Jane

    March 7, 2015 at 10:23am

    Here’s to kittycat reunions!!!

    The snow here took a marked reduction in depth yesterday, say a couple inches, but apparently did it from the bottom up; the hard-ish crust on top can still support my fat cats. I think by noon, though, the er, biggest-boned girl is going to be breaking through. Midge met me for breakfast, which she last did when the days were more clement. She even rolled on the exposed pavement where I had swept off the snow on the first day. Had three other girls waiting for me, too. Nice. Still not sighting Little Fox very often, but not to worry. She’s just like that.

    I hope your Mum thrives in her very own home.

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    • Marian Allen

      March 7, 2015 at 11:19am

      She’s coming along very slowly; much more slowly than either of us expected. She says she thinks she must be getting old. 🙂

      I’m so glad Little Fox and Feather are back. I still think you need to fill up some time making a genealogy of all the cats. I think that would be very interesting.

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