Eleanor Plans Her Future

Here, as I promised, is my A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge post for today. I hope you enjoyed visiting with Marilyn Meredith earlier. 🙂


You can call me Nell, when it’s just us two. Mary likes for people to call me Eleanor, but I think Nell is nicer. Albert always calls me Nell. Albert doesn’t care what Mary or anybody else thinks!

Albert will be back soon. Do you know why he’s been gone so long? Ava tells me he’s been gone for five years, but he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t go away for five years. He wouldn’t go away at all without leaving me a note or sending me a letter, and I don’t have one, so he must not be gone. But I can’t find him! Do you know where he is?

When he gets back, we’ll be married. See my scrapbook? I can’t decide which wedding would be nicest. I think I like the orange blossom one best, but the one with pink dogwood branches is awfully nice. Albert likes red roses, though, so he might prefer that one.

Oh, if he’d only come back, so I can ask him! Oh! …Please excuse me. I’m sorry. I need to lie down for a while. Just until Albert comes back.


Eleanor plans her futureEleanor appears in A DEAD GUY AT THE SUMMERHOUSE, a paranormal suspense available through Indiebound and at Amazon in print and electronic versions.

Today, go visit Empire for A Blueberry, a blog you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: What kind of wedding would your main character like to have or did your main character have?



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