StoryFest Is Here! #Caturday

MunchyFaceSmHi, I’m Munchkin.

Amidala and I are excited, because today is StoryADayMay’s StoryFest, the day when StoryADayMay participants’ stories are linked to from the Story A Day website!

If you were reading this blog in May, you know that Ami and I took turns writing stories on the Caturdays of May.StoryFest2015_400

StoryFest 2015

June 13-14

After you visit the Story A Day website, come back here and read our stories!

Two Of A Kind #Caturday @StoryADayMay 2 by Munchkin

The Ninth Life #Caturday @StoryADayMay 9 by Amidala

The Pirate’s Cats #Caturday @StoryADayMay 16 by Munchkin

No Fool #Caturday @StoryADayMay 23 by Amidala

Hairy Amenities #Caturday @StoryADayMay 30 by Munchkin

We had SO MUCH FUN! We’re going to have even more fun, reading other people’s stories today and tomorrow.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: If your human gave you the opportunity to write, what would you write?


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