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the queenAmidala speaking.

The human who wrote this book, HOME WITH HENRY, Anne Kaier, gave MaMA a copy of the book to read to us so we could review it – or, since we’re cats, reMIEW it. We had different opinions, so we decided to each write our own.


henrycoverFINALpublicityThis book is about a human who finds a stray cat shocked and about to be killed on a highway. The human passes the cat but goes back and rescues him. When she gets him home, he hides under the bed in her spare room and acts hateful to her. The book is the journal she kept while she was trying to make friends with him.

I was adopted when I was a kitten and had a forever home until my human went to the Rainbow Bridge, and now I have a forever home with MaMA. I don’t know why any cat would act hateful to a human who saved her life.

Of course, this was a BOY cat, and it was a GINGER cat (like Munchkin). Anne’s GOOD cat was a GIRL and a CALICO (like me).

I think this book should have been all about the good girl calico instead of the mean boy ginger.

Still, I have to admit I loved the book, and cried at some parts and laughed at some parts, so I have to give it a dewclaw up, even though it wasn’t about the cat I wanted to hear about.


This was the Best. Book. Ever!

AK&cats 001I was a stray before Ami and my human let me in, which was not long before he went to the RB and MA adopted us. I know how scary being on your own can be. Henry, the stray ginger in Anne’s book, was young and hurt and terrified. Maybe humans had only been mean to him before. I knew lots of nice humans in my long life, so I knew that some are nice and some are mean, but maybe Henry didn’t. He wasn’t mean to Anne, he was just scared and protecting himself.

This book shows how hard it is to make friends with a wild cat. I think Anne did a really good job dealing with the wonderful ginger boy and a really good job writing about it.

Ami has been a lot nicer to me since we read this book. I think it taught her something about how it feels to be an outsider and how it feels to have to learn how to trust and how to love.

Ami and I are really lucky, and Henry was really lucky, too.

I give this book a dewclaw up.


Two dewclaws up

twoupVisit www.annekaier.com for a book trailer and free features including the pamphlet “Tall Tails: How to Write About Your Cat.”psbooksAvailable through Barnes & Noble. Distributed by Ingram.

Publisher’s website http://psbooks.wordpress.com/


ISBN: 978-0-9904715-1-6 / 108 pp. / $15.00

For media inquiries, contact author AnneKaier@verizon.net, www.annekaier.com, https://www.facebook.com/Anne.Kaier.author

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A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: Were you rescued or adopted as a baby?


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One thought on “HOME WITH HENRY #Caturday #BookRemiew

  1. Marian Allen

    July 4, 2015 at 9:53am

    Anne sent an email:

    Thank you Munchkin and Ami for your perceptive comments. Ami, I now have a calico called Coco, who agrees with you about the superior beauty and worth of calicos.

    Don’t you worry, Munchkin, ginger boys get, and give, lots of love. Munchkin, you are so right about Henry. He was never hateful, he was scared in the beginning and as he got to feel safer, he could let himself show all his love.

    I hope you have a lovely July 4th. Are there lots of fireworks in Indiana? I’m sure you have cozy places to hide if there are.


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  2. Khadijah

    July 4, 2015 at 10:11am

    What a lovely remiew by two VERY discerning cats!! I’m proud of Amidala for being a bit nicer to Munchkin, because being an outsider is never easy.

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    • Marian Allen

      July 4, 2015 at 10:24am

      She’s very regal, but a nice girl, all in all. 🙂 HOME WITH HENRY taught her a lot!

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  3. Jane

    July 4, 2015 at 10:28am

    I am feeling the Caturday love.

    Great reviews, kidz.

    I am so ambivalent about actually reading animal books. I know how they turn out in the end. Hell, I’ve lived through many such stories of my own. For me, I’m a big damn chicken.

    AND that new car commercial with Willie Nelson signing “I’m your friend til the end,” and the guy taking his old dog on a bucket list trip in his new car. BOOOHHOOOOHHOOOOO!!!

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    • Marian Allen

      July 4, 2015 at 10:56am

      I know what you mean. James Herriot killed me SO MANY TIMES. But — SPOILER ALERT — Henry lives. Another doesn’t, but Henry does.

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