Egg Foo Mex

Here’s a link to Classic Egg Foo Yong.

Yeah, but that isn’t what I did. It’s really Egg Foo Leftovers, but one of the leftovers was carnitas from El Nopal. [FYI — SO GOOD!!!]

ANYWAY, here’s what I made:

EggFooSomethingNo, I tell a lie: that was a bit of chicken left over from the free-range chicken I cooked when #4 Daughter, author Sara Marian, came to visit.

So there was the chicken bits, some zucchini, rice, celery, and bok choi. If Charlie could eat onions, I would have added onions, but I had to settle for onion powder. Also some oregano. I stir-fried all that in garlic-flavored olive oil and a little sesame oil, then beat some eggs and soy sauce and poured that over. When the egg started to set, I put a lid on the pan and turned off the heat and let it finish.

Some of that brown sauce would have been delicious, but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to make any, so we just used soy sauce.

It was most delicious, especially to be made almost entirely out of leftovers.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Someone comes to visit who eats a different diet than your character does.


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