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IfThenMy favorite critique partner, the amazing Sara Marian, and I love to play games involving our characters.

One of them is the old favorite, If Your Character Were A… He/She Would Be…,” often played with politicians, but we play with our characters.

If Moder Zglaria were a car, she would be a vintage Volvo. She’s large, she’s solid, she’s nothing but what she is, she’s instantly recognizable, and she’s just about indestructible.

If Bud Blossom were a bird, he would be a rooster. He’s cocky, combative, territorial, rude, pushy, and protective of anything he claims.

If Mitch Franklin were a tree, he would be an oak. He’s young, but sturdy inside and out; he wants to be useful, comforting, and sheltering; you know he’s going to grow up strong and dominating his landscape.

It’s a fun game, especially if you play with somebody else and try to peg each other’s characters.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Play the game with your own or someone else’s characters. It’s more fun to play with somebody else.



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