Labor Day Get-Together #ThursdayDoors

We went to Charlie’s youngest brother’s house for the Labor Day family get-together. This was the house where the “big girls” grew up, the house I moved into when I married them (and married Charlie, of course). We have a lot of memories of this house. I featured it before, last April.

Here are some different pictures, and some pictures of other places.

This is the garden shed, built on the slab where the kids’ playhouse, The Crooked House, used to be. We took The Crooked House with us. It outlived playhousery and is now — wait for it — a garden shed.

Going down the precipitous driveway toward the front, I’m captured by this colorful shot.

There’s a door there, somewhere. Oh, here it is.

I spent some time sitting on this shaded swing, chatting one of our sisters-in-law.

Oh–Time out. One of our nephews, who is too young to be a grumpy old man and too old to be an impertinent youth, mocks me every time we’re at the same gathering: “Oh, you’re iPhonin’. Please tell me you’re not taking selfies.” I’m never taking selfies; I’m always taking Thursday Door pictures. Well, this time, I said, “I’m looking at pictures. Here, look at this one.” And I turned on the camera, set it to Selfie mode, and BOOM! Got ‘im!

Because I’m an asshole, I’m posting it here. Because I’m not a total asshole, I’ve blanked out his features. The little blank between us is our host. I blanked him out because I forgot to ask him if I could post his picture.


Okay. Doors.

This is the Livingstons’ door, across the street. It happened before I came, but I’ve often heard the story of how the kids were sledding down the driveway (with a spotter to make sure there were no cars coming). One of them went all the way over into the Livingstons’ yard and up to the door! The words “Mrs. Livingston” are always spoken with warmth and affection.

This is the back door of the Brownings’. Judy Browning was the funniest woman on God’s green earth. And talk! My lord, that woman could talk! But everything she said was a hoot, whatever the subject. She could be one of those stand-up comics who just come out and talk at random until their set is over and have the audience rolling in the aisles. Sadly, she has passed.

On the way home, we passed this church. I was lucky enough to grab a shot of a door. Love the stonework!

Speaking of churches, I got this shot of a steeple and a tag.

And this one’s for Dan, because crane.

Thursday Doors is the baby of Norm Frampton. He’s on hiatus right now, but he has hosts on duty during his vacation, so the link-up continues!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: What were your main character’s neighbors like when he/she was growing up?


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One thought on “Labor Day Get-Together #ThursdayDoors

  1. Dan Antion

    September 7, 2017 at 7:05am

    Thanks for making my day as host easier (you did click the blue frog, dintya???) and thanks so much for the crane. Every crane has a door, so…

    I remember folks in the neighborhood who could keep you laughing the whole time. Those are good memories.

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